About Us
Our vision is for Woolwich Polytechnic to be a world class school. At the heart of this vision is our aspiration for all students to achieve academically, personally, socially and economically. We aspire for all our pupils to make a positive and lasting contribution in our community, both locally and globally.
As an inclusive school we celebrate our culture and diversity. We pride ourselves on the calm and friendly atmosphere which exists amongst our students and with the school staff.

Our success is based on the thriving partnership between pupils, staff, parents and governors. No one group works in isolation.
We are proud of our specialist technology college status, which has allowed us to employ exciting cutting edge technology to raise levels of attainment in all areas.
Our culture of high expectations enables all students to realise their potential through a collaborative and inclusive learning and teaching environment.

Our school motto: Learning Empowers is the cornerstone of our daily work

Our highly skilled staff and 21st Century curriculum reflect the need for all our students to be equipped in an ever-changing world.